My first blog!!! 

Hello ,

Well as I said on the title this is my very first blog ever and I’m super nervous and excited at the same time. I’m actually sitting in my car as I write. 

I’m very new to this blogging world!! 

Well let me start by sharing with you the love that I have for baking and decorating cakes. I specialize in Puerto Rican cakes, for those of you that don’t know about Puerto Rican cakes , well they are very moist. The recipe that I used creates a cake that it is not very moist when it comes out of the oven so therefore I make a liquid sort of like a simple syrup but not to syrupee, it’s more on the watery side. On my next blog I will definitely share the recipe of the cake the liquid and of course the icing, because we don’t use buttercream on our cakes.

I started my cake business in 2015 when one of my daughters was about to turn 1. I really didn’t want to pay anyone to make her cake so I decided to take a local baking class and from there my passion was born. I really didn’t have much baking background, I actually graduated from le cordon blue academy in Orlando back in 2009 and worked as a banquet kitchen supervisor at one of the biggest Marriott hotels in the world from 2008 until 2016. I really loved being a chef but in the back of my mind I always contemplated the idea of making cakes. So after that 1 week baking class I completely fell in love with the art of baking and decorating cakes and I haven’t looked back since then …except when I was recently pregnant and wasn’t feeling well almost everyday for the first 3 months…but that’s another story that I will tell later on.

I want to share with you how usually my day goes when I have cake orders or my week goes.

Well I have 4 daughters,  one is 14, another one is 12 so they go to school all they so they really don’t keep me to busy during the day. Now when it comes to my 2 year old and my 5 month old that’s another story.  They keep me very busy day in and day out. So how do I handle it??? Lol!! Well at first it was very difficult I would try and work on my cakes at night but that didn’t work out due to the fact that my baby was a newborn and was usually awake more during the night. So I switched the schedule and started working on my cakes during the day and voila it works!!!

If I have cake orders for let’s say Saturday or Sunday I’ll start working on Tuesday. I will make the list of the items needed and make my way to my local cake store to purchase my supplies. Wednesday I usually try to do all the baking and moisting my cakes. On Thursday I’ll ice all the cakes I usually have from 3 to 5 cakes orders for the weekend. Then Friday morning I’ll give the cakes the final touches, sometimes I might have to work on them all day do to the fact that I get interrupted about 20 times a day by my girls. The baby wants to be fed and held and the toddler wants to play princess with mommy or go outside….yep I have to make time for everthing. And then on top of that I have to pick up my other daughters, my niece and nephew from school and take them to practices , games etc….

But I make it thru most of the times!!!! 

This cake I made it back in January for my goddaughter’s 3rd birthday and on top of that I had 3 more cakes on that same weekend. Believe me sometimes I have no idea how I do it!!!😁😁😁

Well.since this is my first blog. I’m not going to write to much, I just wanted to give you and idea of how my days go.


Thank you so much for reading

Karla Garcia